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Plymouth Borough Ambulance Association

Annual Subscription Drive

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The Plymouth Borough Ambulance Association finds it necessary to ask for financial support from the citizens of Plymouth. Your mailed in tax deductible subscription helps enable us to provide emergency care to the sick and injured.


Plymouth Ambulance is proud to be able to provide the community with two licensed ambulances that stand ready to respond to your emergency needs. Both ambulances are equipped with the latest life-saving devices such as Automated External Defibrillators (AED), pulse oximetry units, ballistic vests, carbon monoxide detectors, and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Devices (CPAP). Our first-run unit is equipped with a Hurst E-Hydraulic rescue tool, vehicle stabilization equipment, basic entry tools, an air-powered chisel, and pet oxygen masks.


The Plymouth Borough Ambulance Association is a 100% volunteer organization. The EMS providers are trained and licensed by the PA Department of Health as emergency vehicle operators, emergency medical technicians, and emergency medical responders. Our members take great pride in their efforts in helping their fellow neighbors during times of need.


In order for an insurance clam to be paid for our services, there are certain requirements that must be met at the time of your transport. A signature must be obtained from you or your family, along with your complete insurance information. If either is missing, you may receive a bill for our services.


Even though Plymouth Ambulance is a volunteer organization, we are a licensed healthcare provider in addition to being a participating Medicare provider. As such, we bill for the treatment and transportation of our patients. If you have health insurance information at the time of your transport, we bill your insurance company for our services. However, if you receive a bill, either your insurance information was not provided or your signature was not obtained. If you receive a bill, please fill in the necessary health insurance information and sign the form provided. Your insurance will then be billed for the service.


There are some insurance companies that send th payment for our services directly to the patient instead of the provider. We receive notification that a check was issued for payment, but it is the patient's responsibility to forward this payment to the Plymouth Borough Ambulance Association for services which were provided.

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